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My home is full of art. Most of it is mine but I also have a few pieces by other artists. I am an artist you see and I generally love the art I produce.

Tree 12-200My new art blog is a way for me to explore the processes I go through to bring an idea for a painting into a finished work. To examine what has influenced me through the design process, to the finished product, with paint on canvas and to help me understand why I paint and create works of art in the way I do. To avoid becoming too self indulgent I plan to write about other artists, art movements, individual paintings and perhaps even galleries and exhibitions I hope to visit.

What started out as a means of avoiding academic school and college work, became a hobby after a somewhat prolonged hiatus and is now a viable mean for me to create additional income. I have been lucky. In recent years, through my work as part of the T&M Arts and Crafts empire, I have discovered many people who actually like my work and want to buy it in one form or another. Not only is this great for me and my family financially, it has also spurred me on to paint more and better works of art.

This continually refreshing challenge has enabled me to explore and develop ideas that I would quite possibly have ignored. I am an inherently lazy person you see. There are always more important and less significant things to do.

Creating, painting and art generally has taught me to focus. In fact it is only really when I am painting that I am truly focussed. Sometimes that focus is more challenging and frustrating than at others. A great idea sometimes doesn't flow and the painting suffers, in my opinion, as a result of a wrong turn at some stage during the process. This is disappointing. At other times, it is clear in the finished piece that a painting has flowed from the mind, through my nervous system, along to my hand holding the brush and onto the canvas. This is pleasing and exciting.

I currently have a full time job and I spend most of my “working” day planning the next move on the canvas. Art is my life. I avidly look at what other artists are doing. I ravenously consume art documentaries. I read about art. I'm pretty sure my family, especially my two teenage children don't understand, although they do too reap the rewards.

I also expend a lot of emotional energy trying to fathom out how to truly make my art and the required background work into my life. As my passion and obvious calling in life, I owe it to myself to give it a proper try. Where I live doesn't lend itself to attending prestigious events, so I content myself with my local patrons and making a name for myself in the rural hinterlands of Devon and Somerset. There's a big wide world out there filled with people waiting to buy my art and share my journey. One day...

In the meantime, our walls become more filled with my works of art. The colours leap out, making our home more energised and welcoming. There is no hiding from my passion. And I love it.

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