Mother's Day - Spirales D'argent Gift Shop

I have selected some of our designs especially for Mother's Day for your mum!

Team them up and create a Mother's Day gift pack, with a card designed by my husband and a mug by me and I will send them together.

Use the code MOTHERSDAYPACK when you select a piece of jewellery, a card and a mug and get 10% off your gift pack.

Please select the type of jewellery you are looking for

Go the extra mile! I am also recommending a very good friend of mine who makes the most beautiful soaps. Visit her shop here and use the code SDA10 for a 10% discount!

T&Cs You MUST have a mug, piece of jewellery and a card in your basket to qualify for the MothersdayPack discount, failure to complete the order may mean your order is not fulfilled.