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"A place where everything swirls and curls"

Visit our NEW website at

We have been working hard behind the scenes to build a bigger and better website, there's still lots to do (the contact forms are not working properly yet) but it is now ready for you to place orders, direct from the new site. Eventually this site will go offline, but as we have been using it for the best part of 15 years, we are a bit reluctant to let it go just yet! Therefore we are making a slow merge over to the new site, by taking the shop down on this site.

So visit the new store to make your purchases HERE.  You can still sign up with the link below to get 10% off which you can use in the new shop.

If you have any issues with the new site please email us at [email protected] - We can't fix the issues if we don't know they are happening!

Spirales d'argent
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Our Other gift shops

We are a creative husband and wife team and between us we have 3 very different gift shops. Charm A Chameleon is on here, but it also has an Etsy shop! And you can find Mark's art charms here too (as I make those!).

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Mark BEtson Artist

Click the image to visit Mark's website.

Charm A Chameleon wishBracelets

Charm A chameleon

Click the image to visit the Etsy shop.

Rowan's Soaps

Rowan's soaps

Click the image to visit the website.