All About Tammy and her Jewellery

Spirales d'argent (French for Silver spirals).

All of my jewellery on this website has been handmade by myself, I manipulate the silver wire into spirals and different shapes by hand, using just a few pliers, either out of nickel and lead free silver plated wire, 925 Sterling silver wire, 99.99% Fine silver wire or copper wire. Each shape is then hammered to keep its shape. My designs are very Celtic and give an unusal and modern look to gemstone jewellery.

I use specially selected semi precious gemstones, selected for their unique qualiaties.  Most orders are made from scratch, once received, however I do have some items in stock ready to go. I try to get orders out as soon as possible, aiming for 24-48 hours.  Should there be a delay, I will let you know, Despatch notes will be sent when items are in the post.

Silver Spiral Jewellery by Tammy


I first started making jewellery in 2009. I was a wedding florist, but I decided to diversify my business and add tiaras and hair facinators, as I was always very good at wire work.  This led onto me making simple earrings and bead strung necklaces, I was quickly hooked and started attending small craft fairs.

However I found there was already a lot of people doing the same things and I didn't want to be like everyone else.

So it took me a little while to scour the library, book shops and internet, until I found a relatively new way of making jewellery, after buying a book on the basic techniques of wire jewellery. I worked my way through the whole book whilst on holiday in France!

Packaged and ready to go


I started off making the jewellery in copper wire, as this was more affordable to practise with. I wore my first completed creation of Greek copper squares and cats eye gems to my best friends wedding and after being complimented on its uniqueness, I decided I had found my style.

Several years later, I feel I have perfected my technique in making spirals, so much so that when I am now trading at events and I tell people I make the spirals by hand, people are astounded, believing that I buy them in after they have been made by a machine and these compliments also come from other jewellers!

I am most known for my version of a similar necklace Dr Alice Roberts wore a few times on Coast on the BBC, I have completed a number of orders for this necklace now and I often get an email from my customers, saying how pleased they are with it and how they had been looking for something similar for some time. I now make 5 different versions of this necklace. So thank you Alice!

Azurite silver spiral necklace

I have big plans to expand my jewellery range and will be adding new products all the time. I plan to learn new techniques to offer a new style jewellery which will incorporate my favourite spirals, but in a completely different medium.

At the moment I have gone back to using copper wire, but this time I am speeding up the oxidisation process, by dipping it in a special solution to give it a rustic earthy colour, great for a boho look.

When I am not making jewellery, I work as a professional dog walker, this is great, as I can get very absorbed in my jewellery work and can sit at my bench for hours! Walking the dogs means I get some much needed excersise!!

I hope you enjoy browsing my site and hopefully I have convinced you to treat yourself or a loved one.

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