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The history, the meaning, the qualities and which birth stone is it?

Hematite is found in iron mining areas in Quebec, Canada, Switzerland, England, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Venezuela, Spain and the US.  It is deposited in hydrothermal veins associated with magmatic rocks however the largest deposits are of sedimentary origin. Hematite usually occurs as massive opaque material. It can also occur as short rhombohedral crystals, which are black or dark iron gray with iridescent surfaces.

It is a red oxide of iron, taking its name from the Greek word haima, or ema, meaning ‘blood,’ when it is cut into thin slices a deep earthy red colour is revealed.  Sometimes known as the Iron rose if it has layers.  Traditionally used in mirrors, Hematite has had many other uses over thousands of years.

Because of the red colour it has been worn as a protection stone against bleeding, believed to have the power to stop bleeding and excessive bleeding in childbirth.  It is worn to keep the blood healthy and cure blood related diseases.  To aid in healing, courage, legal matters, alertness, vivacity, wealth, strength, power, business and agriculture.  It calms fears, eliminates anger, fosters peace.  Helps people with insomnia and aids in a better sleep.

Rainbow Hematite is a powerful grounding stone that helps keep your metaphorical feet on the ground, communicating with the solar plexus chakra known as Manipura.  This energy point governs your sense of self and personal freedom.

For thousands of years Hematite has been used by artists because of the red pigments when it is ground down.  It was used by pre-historic man for cave paintings, Egyptians to decorate tombs of Pharoahs and Native Americans as war paint.  The Vikings knew it as Bloodstone and said it bought calm and focus to their activities!  Hematite has been used in magic for over 3000 years now. In ancient Babylon, it was carried by warriors for strength to overcome enemies, and was believed to help cause stone walls to fall. In the middle ages, hematite acted as a farmer’s talisman and was worn in the belief that the stone strengthened their crops. In the 13th Century, hematite was engraved with a figure of a bat and then worn by magicians who believed it strengthened their spells.

Nowadays its used as a coloring in lipstick, blush and mascara, as well as oil paints, industrial undercoats and bricks and cements and the iron and steel products that probably helped make the car you drove today and the houses and buildings you live and work in.

Rainbow Hematite is a mineral of iron oxide. When Hematite mixes with Goethite it is called Rainbow Hematite. It has an iridescent multicolored surface. It takes its iridescent look from the aluminum phosphate particles. Rainbow Hematite means master grounding and balance.

Hematite is known as a grounding gemstone, the Root Chakra, giving you the focus to tackle day to day life as well as any challenges that may come your way. It gives you confidence in your abilities, allowing you to make decisions quickly, firmly and objectively.

It will provide courage and protection when times are tough and provide positivity when everything seems lost. Balance, harmony and awareness are just a few more of this amazing gemstone's attributes.

Hematite spiral necklace 4

Wearing a gemstone as a piece of jewellery is the best way to gain from its benefits, ideally it needs to be touching your skin so a necklace, pendant or bracelet are ideal for this purpose.

Birthstone: Suitable for Aries and Aquarius. Hematite is a modern birthstone for Aquarius. Ancient birthstone for Aquarius are Garnet and Amethyst, as well as traditional birthstones.  Because the Hematite is also known as Bloodstone it is the March birthstone.

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