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It's been a busy few months, what with the return of some events during the run up to Christmas, which we attended, the Christmas rush and then January, which actually ended up being my bussiest month EVER!

It all was a bit of a coincidence really! I had recently done a bit of a facebook campaign to boost sales during the quieter period and made some changes to my Etsy shop, which must of got picked up on the Etsy algorythms, because Etsy started to advertise my listings on google (which they charge me for) and Alice was on the telly!

I did'nt even know she was on, as we don't watch a lot of mainstream TV, it wasn't until a friend of mine messaged me to say she was on and she thought she was wearing one of my necklaces that I found out Digging for Britain was on.

Alas, before there is ANY confusion, Alice IS NOT wearing one of my necklaces. Her necklace is just very similar to mine and as no one can find out where Alice got hers from (Alice included) mine have become very popular as a similar alternative, for which I thank Alice from the bottom of my heart, because it really has helped my little business.  If you have read any of my reviews you will see that many people have been happy with my version of the necklace.

Whilst having my busiest month, I have also been making some small changes to my branding, with a new logo and colour scheme, I have created stickers, new thank you cards, gift for you cards (should you want to include a note to your recipient), jewellery care cards and offer cards should you spend over a certain amount.

I have also been making some changes to my packaging (with all these new items). I am still sticking to my principles and keeping everything as recyclable as possible (one customer told me her cat was playing with the ribbon, making it re-usable too!).

I have also started to add an anti tarnish tab to sterling and fine silver jewellery as well as the cleaning cloth, to help you keep your jewellery as shinny as possible, but please ensure you follow the guides on the care cards.

We are starting to plan what events we will attend in 2022, but as covid is still around, it seems that organisers are still a bit wary of commiting to anything, but I will keep you up to date on my events page, which you can find under the contact tab and other ways to buy tab.

Thank you for your continued support.

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