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  1. As we finish off the last of the Christmas food, we are busy rapping up another busy year of events. 

    Its been a bit of a funny year, with people's spending habits changing due to the economical climate we are all facing and the way we spend money now a days. Online sales have risen and event sales have been consistent most of the time.

    We have had good events and bad events this year, so will be looking at our calender of events closely to come up with a new set of events, so over the next couple of months I will be researching new events we could go to and getting applications for both those and our favourites in asap, so I will be hoping to go to places like Priddy, Sidmouth and Bristol again next year as well as some new ones like Llarma Tree and Kingsbury May Festival.

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    Our aims for next year are to increase our online sales with the help of new photos and listings in all our online shops (this website, our Etsy and Folksy shops as well as Fine Art America, Society 6 and Red Bubble).

    To produce more t-shirt designs, so we have a good selection in time for festival season.

    To travel further to find good events, particularly folk festivals.


    We may also look at how we are reproducing Marks artwork.

    And of course Mark will be producing some great new paintings!!

    So we will now go into semi hibernation as we wont be out and about at events until May, but of course you can always purchase online and our door is always open for those of you that would like a private viewing of the original paintings (appoinment needed).

    Happy New Year and Here's to a great 2018!

  2. We dont stop taking orders over Christmas!!

    So if you are stuffed with turkey and are relaxing in front of a Christmas film on the telly, you can still keep your fingers busy and place an order with us!

    We will do our best to post any orders right up to the 23rd December (obviously these wont arrive in time for the big day tho) and then we will start posting again on the 27th. First class so will arrive in a couple of days.

    We hope all our customers, followers, family and friends have a very

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.