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  1. I have just done a massive over haul of the whole website.  It is no longer called T&M Arts and Crafts and includes my jewellery and my husbands artwork.

    Mark's artwork can now be found on his own website Mark Betson Artist.

    Which means this website is solely dedicated to my jewellery and is now under my new name Spirales d'argent.

    I have also been doing a lot of cleaning up of old images, which means some of my past blogs have lost their pictures, you can catch up on those either on our joint facebook page or on my old newsletters.

    Newsletters are also changing. All new subscribers will receive a newsletter from Spirales d'argent, Mark will be doing his own newsletters from now on, so dont forget to sign up!.



    I'm hoping you like all these changes, we are hoping it will help to improve our businesses and you like the changes we have made.