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  1. The BIG Art sell off!

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    Mark is a prolific artist and we live in a small cottage with limited wall space, we have got to the point that our walls are full and paintings are getting hidden under the stairs, this is such a shame, as one of the reasons Mark paints is because he wants to share his love for art, colour and nature with everyone, but this can't be done, if his paintings are hidden under the stairs!

    So, its time to sell some art! 

    And yes I know at absolutely bonkers prices!  As I say we just need some more space so Mark can keep on creating more.

    Christmas is coming and now is your chance to get hold of a Mark Betson Original Painting!

    Obviously all of Mark's work is for sale (if its not sold already!) from his new stuff to his old stuff, this blog is a way to rummage under the stairs and feature some of his older work, which sometimes gets forgotten.

    Follow the links to find out more about each painting, not all of them have a write up yet, so if you need more information, pop a comment in the box below or email us.

    Our Hearts tell us a more beautiful world is possible £80 plus p&p  

    Our hearts - Edited                                    

    Bottle Ball Vase £50 plus p&p            

    Bottle, ball, vase, flowers - Edited                                                                              

    The Celtic Cross £90 plus p&p  

    Celtic 2 - Edited                                                                                                                                                                                     

    Diana £45 plus p&p        


    Coy Carp  £60 plus p&p

    Fish - Edited

    Fossils £95 plus p&p

    Fossils - Edited

    George £45 plus p&p


    Green Man #2 £95 plus p&p

    Greenman 2 - Edited

    HayBales £65 plus p&p

    Haybales - Edited

    Orange Mandala £45 plus p&p

    Man 2 - Edited

    Poppies £65 plus p&p

    Poppies - Edited

    The Lollipop Tree £85 plus p&p

    13 - Edited

    Tree 23 £45 plus p&p

    23 - Edited

    Tree 24 £45 plus p&p

    24 - Edited

    The Savannah Tree £55 plus p&p

    February 2013 - Edited

    To see all the paintings that are currently living under the stairs, follow this link 

    Or to see all of Marks newer paintings follow this link 

  2. We are Re-Branding!

    Its that time of year again when I have some time to make some changes.

    The website will get its yearly overhall in the winter, but for now, we are making some changes to what we call oursleves. The website will still keep the parent name of T&M Arts and Crafts, but it will now have new names for Marks artwork and my jewellery.

    Mark is now Mark Betson Artist, which he has been calling "himself" for sometime, you may already know and be friends with him on his Mark Betson Artist facebook page.  He is (slowly) building his own website with this domain name and we have recently seperated our Etsy shop, so he now has his own Mark Betson Etsy shop, which I will be adding new items to soon.

    The biggest change is to what I will be calling my jewellery. T&M Arts and Crafts just isn't very sexy,  now it features on its own Etsy Shop (and soon the Folksy shop will be seperated too) so I am now calling it "Spirales D'argent" (which is french for Silver Spirals).

    I have purchased the domain names spiralesdargent.co.uk and spiralesdargent.fr this is because we are also preparing for our eventual relocation to our french house we have owned for 9 years. All of which will direct you to this website.

    Everything will come with new logos and headers and I am working on new photos too.

    So watch this space!