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    I hear ya! This lockdown thing is becoming a bit of a pain in the butt!!

    BUT! We do need to keep at it, so we can kick the virus's butt!

    With all the shops shut many people are turning more than ever to the internet to source gifts for themselves (let's face it we all need a bit of cheering up at the mo!) or for friends and family.

    Which is great! It will help to keep the economy going and support many businesses during these worrying times.  More than ever, small independant businesses need your support to keep them afloat, sadly too many won't survive this, so when you need to purchase a gift, think carefully about who you want to support.  If you purchased something a year, two years ago from an independant business and loved it, why not dig out their website address again when you are looking for a special gift?

    Lots of people, myself included (at the end of May) are having to celebrate birthdays at home, so getting something lovely and unique in the post will really make their day!

    Although myself and my husband have had to turn off international shipping temporarily (aiming to put it back on in 3 weeks) we are still posting to the UK, with trips to the post office almost every other day.  So we would love it, if you could support our small businesses during this time and beyond!

    So for a bit of beautifully unique jewellery click HERE to go to my shop

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    And for some unique art cards to go with it, click HERE

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  2. With Covid-19 still spreading its evil tentacles across the country, we are facing another 3 weeks at least of lockdown.  This is not great, but together we can fight it.  So please stay indoors/ at home as much as you can.

    Staying away from work, families, shops and other social activities does cause issues tho, people's mental health will be at an all time low as they face another lonely 3 weeks.

    Birthdays and anniversaries are going by and you can't get to together to celebrate them, buying gifts even isn't easy because you can't go shopping.

    But that's OK, there are still ways to show someone you love them, even if you can't do it with a big hug and a kiss!

    Many people are turning to online shopping more than ever before.  But what you really need to do is support all businesses of different sizes, to keep our economy afloat, so we can come out of this the other side, bigger and stronger and more prepared.

    I myself have had to adapt my business slightly during this time, I had to turn off international shipping 4 weeks ago, as parcels were getting delayed in quarantined states, this has had a big impact on my business, but I am hoping all those people that can't order right now are keeping things on their wish lists for when this is all over.

    I am still posting to the UK.  I thought long and hard about this and have read a lot of articles about if it was the right thing to do, if it was putting an added strain on our mail services.  But I concluded, we have to carry on as much as we can, as normal and adapt.  People still want to show relatives and friends they care about them and are thinking of them to ease loneliness and depression.  And why should our birthdays and anniversaries go unnoticed during this time?

    So I am still making and sending orders (UK only). 

    I can even send a gift direct to your recipient with a loving message from you!

    Give a little love, send a little love, receive a little love ðŸ’–

    And don't forget if you are a subscriber to my mailing list, there's always offer to be had!

    There will also be lots of new items available (such as the set photographed above) on the website soon.

    Take care everyone and stay safe.